(Group Seminars)

Whether you are a large company or a small business, Positive Life International offers coaching seminars to any group that wants to grow and equip it’s members to reach their full potential. Drawing from his own experience with blindness and the many difficulties he faced afterwards, Hiro can help you and your organization overcome various challenges and adapt to the changes with a more positive and productive mindset.

Better team work in business

Hiro can help guide you to stay focus in your workplace, we know とcontrol your emotion and focusing your goal is one of the key factors associated with a company’s success.

Here are some examples of things he can help you with:

  • Develop mental toughness
  • Stress management -ways to relieve stress in business world
  • Eliminate negative emotion
  • Take control of you life
  • Identify your ideal goal and solution




One on One Personal Coaching

Is your life filled with negativity?
Hiro can help you get out of that negative spiral and help guide you to live a more positive life.
Here are some examples of things he can help you with:

  • Having trouble with relationships
  • Can’t find a purpose in life
  • Lack of motivation
  • Pursue your dreams
  • Reinvent/rediscover your self-image
  • Revive your company
  • Encourage and inspire your employees
  • Create a strong foundation for your company/organization
  • Building leadership skills
  • Reduce trouble with your clients/customers



One on One coaching is done via Skype.

A. Five 60min sessions: $700

B. Three 60min sessions: $400

C. Single 60min session: $150

For inquiries and scheduling, please contact us through our contact form.