What is an abundant life?

How would you describe an “abundant” life?

Making money, being healthy, having good luck…there is no end to the possibilities.

In our pursuit of these things that life has to offer, knowledge and experience is of course important, but I believe the key to all of these is to have a positive mentality.

Just by having a positive attitude toward the things we experience in life, we can enjoy a more abundant life. At age 16, I lost lost my sight and became completely blind, but because of my blindness, I believe that I’m able to see things that others may not notice.

With Positive Life International, I would like to give you a hand in setting and achieving your goals and help you live a more positive life.



The first thing I do with my clients is to set a clear goal on which to act and I guide them through the steps toward this goal.

In the process of setting these goals, I tell them about the following fact:

In our daily lives, we only use 3% of our entire brain. In other words, 97% of our brain is not being used.

You may have already realized, but this means that we have so much potential within us that is yet to be seen. Through my coaching, I can help you tap into your inner power and  guide you to live the life you have always dreamed of.

Hiro Iwamoto
life coach & motivational speaker
Positive Life International

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