Hiro Iwamoto


Born and raised in Kumamoto, Japan, Hiro Iwamoto was born with a weak eyesight and became completely blind at age 16. After losing his sight, he went through a period of struggle but found a new purpose in life in helping and encouraging others through his blindness.

Hiro began studying acupuncture at the Kumamoto School for the Blind and went on to study at Tsukuba University. After graduating, he came to the U.S. to study abroad on a scholarship. He spent 14 years teaching and researching at the University of Tsukuba, School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine for the Visually Impaired in Tokyo, Japan and at the same time studied psychology at Aoyama University.

In Tokyo, Hiro met his future wife who introduced him to sailing which became his life-long passion. He continues to sail regularly and has competed in over a hundred races to date. His dream is to sail across the pacific.

In 2006 he relocated to San Diego, CA with his wife and daughter and opened his own Shishinjutsu (Japanese for “finger acupuncture”) clinic in 2008 (learn more about Shishinjutsu here).

In his work as a life coach, Hiro gives seminars and one-on-one coaching to clients both in the U.S. and in Japan. Through his coaching, Hiro wants to give people hope and encourage them to fulfill their purpose in life.